MBA – Master of Business Administration has become a basic program for an individual in current era to climb in his/her career ladder.

The need to do MBA might come through any route, some of the basic reason why an average individual intend to choose MBA Programs as their career option could be to:

  • Learn cross domain best practices
  • Climb through Career ladder
  • Encapsulate Business tactics
  • Mode to pursue degree of Higher Standards like PhD
  • Placement Opportunity

For every individual in Asia, MBA in India provides a right combination of Theoretical, Practical & Self Assessing approaches which are rightly required to groom one to be a better individual.

MBA in India has opened opportunities for many foreign Educational institutes across world to collaborate with Indian institutes or start their own educational institutes here.

Recently, followed by US President Barack Obama visit to India, many educational institutes across globe had visited a summit named Indo-Global Educational Summit held at Hyderabad, framing an atmosphere to share their ideas between various educational institutes, following which these institute had strong interactions with some of the prominent colleges in India.

Like MBA they are various equivalent programs conducted in India namely PGDM, PGP, PGDBA etc.

MBA in India are offered through various modes like full time, part time, distance, executive, correspondence, online etc.

Choosing right MBA for an individual is a tough call, depends on various factors like Work Experience, Work Culture, Knowledge Spectrum etc.

In India most of the MBA are associated with universities controlled under an approval body like UGC, AICTE etc. UGC stands for University Grant Commission while AICTE stands for All India Council of Technical Education. These committees monitors all MBA programs and MBA equivalent programs like PGDM, PGDBA etc. to maintain the standards of education in terms of:

  • Quality of Faculty
  • Basic amenities
  • Course Structure Standards
  • Examination Standards
  • Operational Transparency
  • Many more….

All these measure controls the nature and quality of MBA Program delivered in India. For right choice of MBA in India, one need to look at features like approvals, faculty expertise, Course Structure, Specialization offered, infrastructure, Cells and Club activities, institutes code rules which moderate disciplinary aspect of a college etc.

Apart from MBA degree current market require an individual to pursue other value added certificate programs which reduces the company’s burden over training an employee before joining.

Some of the popular value added programs are:

  • Capstone Business Simulation
  • SAP Training
  • ERP Certification
  • Six Sigma Certification Programs
  • Certification in Foreign Languages like French, German, Advance English etc.
  • Advance Accounting Software like Microsoft Accounting Software, Tally, Shoppers etc.
  • IFRS Certification
  • CIMA Certification
  • Many More…

All these value added program position an individual at par from basic degree holder having gained the broader bandwidth than others.

Author has been associated with many top business schools and had a deep study over the individual’s interest and features of various MBA Colleges across India having summarized in brief, for easy understanding of the reader to make a right decision while opting MBA in India.