Leadership Seminar Organized at ISBR Bangalore Campus on 12 September 2011



A capillary action from the grassroots level…………………………………….

The world is at the crossroads. The global economy is very uncertain. The impact of global warming and climate change could affect all of us now or in the future. The competitive pressures of globalization, technology revolution, new market penetration, volatile customer expectation, increasing employee expectations, monetary uncertainties and many other challenges abound, this may be the perfect time to redefine leadership.

The notion of leadership is of immense importance in these challenging times when status quo is less of an option and decisions have to be made. The task at hand is to lead from front and to best drive transformations to build excellence through leadership. In today’s dynamic economy, leaders needs to identify challenges and opportunities, and then quickly adapt to them in order to survive – and even thrive, highlighting the role of the individual as well as the institution.

The traits of good leaders are much the same in the corporate world as well as the academia. Given the context and perspective of these two major stakeholders as well as other beneficiaries like students, faculty, government institutions and civil society, ISBR would like to attempt a synergistic and symbiotic relationship emerging to come out with a sustainable roadmap of industry-academia interface at various levels

There is a change factor surmounting at an unprecedented pace. An incredible transformation marked by challenges and opportunities. The need of the hour is for versatility – the multi skilled and multi tasking individuals. Everywhere there is a dearth for right people at the right job. The combinations of right attitude, skills and knowledge have certainly become a challenge. The rising corporate expectation of grooming students equipped with domain skills as well as well balanced personality development lies with an institution. Embarking on a journey to achieve this becomes an uphill task, given the context of a constantly changing world. It is certainly a “perform or perish” situation.

Hence it has become imperative for management institutions to scan the business environment, discern the changes and challenges and fine tune the curriculum to make it “market driven” or even “market drives” in order to meet the pressing needs of corporate.

This discussion forum was an attempt to open the flood gates of thought-processes to bridge the industry -academia gap. This event has tried to do some ‘crystal ball gazing’ on various emerging concepts which are likely to be practiced across various sectors and redefine the paradigms to emerge with a framework for implementing the same.

Participants in the symposium  explored:

From industry perspective:

a) Leadership traits required at workplace

b) Self Management techniques

c) Inculcating positive attitude at workplace

From educational institution perspective:

1) Development of employability skills to make students industry ready

2) Theory Vs practical knowledge (Pedagogy & methodology)

3) A holistic development

The learning outcome of the symposium was to come out with a conceptual framework and matrix moving from the “ known-known” to unknown-unknown” so that it is a win- win situation and there is seamless  transition and integration along the path of knowledge creation to knowledge application and beyond….!

Guest Speakers were:

1. Dr. Sibichen Mathews, Additional Commissioner of Income Tax.

2. Mr. Joshua Rozario, CVEO, Transevolve

3. Ms. A. Annapurna, General Manager (HumanResource) ESSILOR.

4. Prof: Indira Ramaswamy, Christ University.

5. Ms. Jahanavi Katti, CEO Key Connect.

6. Ms. Sowmya, Research Analyst, INFOSYS

7. Dr. Sheelan, Associate professor