MBA is not only learning and acquiring skills within the campus. It just goes beyond that. As we are the budding professionals, we must know on where we can enhance ourselves in a better way. But is that possible only by attending the class room sessions? The answer is no. Then how will the student be able to hone his/her skills in this professional world. The best solution can be internship programs where students directly interact with industry and learn on-the-job skills.
Students can thus work in each and every sector of their choice. Generally an internship lasts for two months in most MBA Colleges. The main objective of internships is to provide students with the knowledge of both Action and Comprehension. Here, action refers how to undertake the work in the organization and comprehension refers how the students need to work in this present scenario. This helps them to put as an experience on their resume which comes handy during the time of placements. Internships are useful for both experienced and inexperienced students.  Inexperienced students learn their first lessons in corporate works culture, where as experience students augment their prior experience.
Skills like time management, team building, target orientation etc. cannot be taught in a classroom. This skill can only be imbibed in students if they are working on a live project.
But just doing and internship is not only sufficient. Once the internship is over, there should be a review of their work.  A great way to achieve this can be competition between students for best internship award. The judges can be drawn from both college faculty as well as industry veterans. This will enable students to improve not only their presentation skills, but also make the feel proud should they win the award.
Thus it can safely be said that, internship is the best way to teach students the real management lessons.
The author has been associated with many top business schools and brings over 6 years experience in teaching MBA course.