Stuck in a paradox!! The first question that pops up in  your Broca’s area “what makes me talk about Penrose stairs?” and “what is it?” Read it and explore.




Stuck in a paradox!! The first question that pops up in  your Broca’s area “what makes me talk about Penrose stairs?” and “what is it?” Don’t try to runaway this is not me who is going to talk about any motivational or a philosophi­cal speech. Penrose stairs is a paradox and it really has lots to do with human mind, exactly like me asking questions to myself. I am sure when we were kids we used to have lots of questions in mind asking mother “why this moon looks like an idly amma?” There are issues even bolder than these questions “how we arrived and how are we born?”


Just like a Penrose stairs, however, hard I try to think I end up in coming to the same level, the place where I started like an endless time loop. This brings me the concept called Deja vu, I read in lots of books an evolution of cyclic phenomenon. As in all happened in yesteryears and what is happening now, this is a concept where whatever is going to happen is already happened before probably in a dream state when your sub-conscious is free from the other subjects.


Most of us just try to avoid and we realize later “yeah I have seen this scenario before”. This happens because basically we all are living in same cycle of time and we are unable to get out of it, so that you have the same exact life before and you living the same life again these deja vu are the glimpses of your past life that soul remembers and that surfaces to the conscious mind.


Now we will go much deeper, just take a guess “how this Deja vu really occurs?” Before that just think why can’t I be alive in a parallel universe which was triggered due to my action in this universe? Great isn’t it!! I seriously believe in exceptional and infinite parallel universe.


Think about dreams there we create lots of imaginary universes and sometimes they are created by themselves. Dreams create a possible impact on choices may be a hundred possible effects. Probably a matter of butterfly effects you can call it in that way.


I have a question can deja vu concept be triggered in decision making skills?

Like I said this strange phenomenon is an impact of parallel universe which I believe a lot. I searched about deja vu and decision making and I came across some points from my friend who is doing a course in psychology, she says “this vicious cycle of deja vu is a part of your routine way of working, you can very much make decisions only if it occurs regularly. A decision in regular work will be very easy to extract from deja vu just like your dream, you visualize and you act. This is how the process goes on”.


I just got amazed how important the voice from sub conscious is? The problem of not extracting decisions from deja vu might be new circumstances or an entirely new different world where you don’t know ups and downs about. This brings me back to the same level, like I said some things cannot be comprehended and you cannot stop yourself without asking questions. Is it “Penrose Stairs” now?



This article has been written by Harish Kumar. He is a student at ISBR Business School .ISBR is one of the  mba course and preferred destination for overseas students to pursue MBA in India.